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Small Business Loans for a Bright Future

Small business loans are government guaranteed and have two subsets: 7A and 504. The 7A program requires a 15% equity injection and the rest is provided by the funding source, while the 504 loans require a 10% equity injection with the remainder being provided by the funding source. Real estate transactions, such as purchasing residential and commercial real estate, drive both of these types of loans and they can only be used to build, purchase, or refinance these properties. Some of the benefits of a small business loan include long-term financing at competitive rates and simple, one-time closing procedures. Once these loans are closed, they will never be touched again.

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The Conventional Loans That You Need

Whether you're looking to refinance, purchase inventory, or get some working capital, VEC offers conventional loans that are perfect for you. These types of loans typically have lower interest rates, but must be closed out sooner. Conventional loans are great for small businesses because the client does not have to pay any guaranteed fees like they would with a small business loan.

A Line of Credit for All of Your Operations

If you have short-term needs in order to fund operational expenses, such as advertising, payroll, maintenance, or small renovations, we also provide lines of credit for businesses. Our line of credit is similar to a credit card because its revolving interest is paid monthly, but the principal can be paid off at any time. This type of loan is available for one year and can be renewed annually if needed. With a line of credit through VEC, you'll have immediate access to the funds.

Transform Your Business With Our Lending Options

These types of loans are for leaseholders that want to make improvements to a property they don't own. If you want to put up some walls, an office, or just want to customize your leased space for your particular needs, this type of loan is right for you. We also offer construction loans for clients that own property and want to build office space on it. These loans are short term, but allow the borrower to ensure that their construction or renovation project is completed in a timely manner. VEC has a $500 application fee following our free initial consultation regarding any of our loan products.